Thursday, December 30, 2010

Welcome welcome.

Hey there, I'm the girl you'll know as Juniper from here on out. Or maybe not. I might change the name between now and some other time. I don't know. This is the first time I've tried something really anonymous. I'm not very good at it, I don't think. I mean, I'm usually the quiet girl. I don't talk much at all. But still, I have to make it known when I do something because I want people to notice me. I do.

But maybe this'll be good. Maybe it'll turn into a King is Bachman and Bachman is King type of deal. (I was gonna say "thing," but that would've rhymed and been weird.) I think I might really use this for my swearing. I can swear all I want here, right?

fuck fuck fuck fuck shit fuck.

Yeah. I think I like that.

But what's i wanna be a hero really about? It's about a girl that wants to grow up and be free. It's about a girl that wants to save someone's life, who wants to be a hero. It's about a girl that wants to do all that but she just doesn't know how. Because she's too fucking much like Dr. Temperance Brennan and even if she thinks she might be good at emotions, she's not. She doesn't know people or herself and she needs to fucking realize that.

And that girl is me.


  1. You know what they always say - in the calmest of waters .. lurk the ugliest of fish. I can tell right away by you using fuck more in this post than I probably have on my 400 and counting posts!

  2. @Bitchy: Holy begeebus. Thanks! Would it be completely dorky of me to say that I was actually very excited to get a comment from you? Wow. *feels significantly less cool*

    @Wynn: Honestly, I probably won't swear too much more than this. I mean, I said begeebus over shit. I'm not much of a potty mouth, but...having the freedom of no one I know realizing it's me means I can swear all I want and no one (parents especially... >>;;) will get upset with me.