Thursday, January 13, 2011


Blurb of a post 'cause I've got a headache (not that anyone really reads this, I'm sure).

Tone is something you kind of lose over the internet, isn't it? Kind of sucks. Especially when you're really very pissed and someone isn't really catching on...but then it's not their fault because how should they know, right? But you're still annoyed with them and that makes your mood worse.

And my GPA's gonna get slightly messed up after this semester. Today is not a happy day and thus I am not closer to being a hero.

.....I dunno why I pasted that last bit on. I felt like I needed to come back to the name of the blog somehow.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Random Questions!

So, Blogger has this nifty feature in the profile editting area. And I made it into a blog. Enjoy.

Please describe how you could take the peel off an apple all in one go:
I’d use my freaking magical powers to do it, of course. Or sit there for hours and hours, just slowly slicing a spiral of the skin off.

Paper or briefs?
Briefs. Paper is waaaaaay too uncomfortable. And think of the paper cuts. Eek.

You've rented a sky-writer to propose to your significant other, but it's completely overcast. What will you do?
Hmmmm. I would find a way to add some sort of color to the smoke and have the guy fly low enough that it could be read. The font would probably have to be significantly smaller, too, so he/she could read it, though…so I’m not sure. Maybe I could hire the Wicked Witch to do it? She’d probably be able to figure it out. Elphie’s smart like that.

Chicken monkey shoes?
Would probably be rather uncomfortable. Although now I do wonder what a chicken monkey might look like…suggestions?

In the dream where you show up to school naked, why do you never go swimming?
Well, if it were to happen at my school, it would be because there isn’t a pool. But if I’m dreaming, I guess I could make whatever happen, including adding a new pool. But maybe I don’t want to skinnydip! That’s why I don’t ever go swimming in those dreams.

Why do you think honeydew is the money melon?
I don’t really like honeydew, so I wouldn’t call it something like the money melon. I mean, I like money, dude. I don’t like honeydew. But I guess it might be because it’s green. …it is green, right?

What reason do you have to believe the earth is flat?
Because I know a guy who knows a guy whose brother was best friends with this guy that…well…he fell off the edge of the Earth. It was really sad. But he left me his puppy!

Your people want to make a statue in your honor. What will it be made out of and what victory will it commemorate?
It will be made of cheese and commemorate my becoming a hero. The cheese will be sealed to keep it from getting gross or eaten by wildlife.

Which is easier to make a model airplane out of and why: a banana peel or a wet sock?
The banana peel, of course. Everyone knows that wet things don’t fly. Plus, the peel is already in a plane kind of shape.

You've got to make contact with the alien leader. How will you tell when the conversation is finished?
The conversation is finished when the alien blows up the Earth. Duh.

What's the best time you've ever had licking stamps?
I’ve never licked a stamp. All mine stick on by themselves, thanks.

Do you believe that forks are evolved from spoons?
No, of course not. But sporks are their illegitimate children.

You've written a hit musical! How will you avoid having fame go to your head?
By inventing a fame-resistant helmet and wearing it everywhere.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Day of Silence

It's not actually until April, but a little while ago someone I know commented on the event page of a Day of Silence saying this:

"Lol no. It's a waste of time. People will never stop being mean. A little meeting will not start a revolution. Plus, my birthday is the 16th.
People just need to stop being pussies, and stand up for themselves. You can't be babied all your life. You need to grow up one of these days.
Grown up men make grown up choices.



Obviously someone hasn't been bullied or felt seriously insecure before. I mean, come on. It's not just "being a pussy," it's being attacked on a level that really hurts you. You can't grow up instantly. You NEED things like this to be able to stand up for yourself. You need strength and confidence. Knowing you're not alone through things like this is a way someone could find that strength and confidence.

As someone that was a crybaby and picked on because I was seen as the easiest person to pick on, I know it's not fun or easy. It's not something you can just say "WELL FRANKLY, MY DEAR, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN!" to. At least not if it's done right. Being picked on for your sexual orientation, like this Day of Silence is supposed to be about? One of those things that usually hit the hardest. I was rumored to be a lesbian at some point and though I laughed it off at first, it still kind of hurt. I wonder now if maybe that's the reason I don't get attention like that, ever. Is it because everyone thinks I'm gay?

As for the birthday comment, well...someone needs to learn how to fucking read. The event states that it is from Friday April 15th at 12:00AM to Saturday April 16th 12:00AM. Meaning it ends right when her birthday starts.

Including "lol" and all that other chatspeak shit? Really disrespectful. I mean, the whole comment is, but really? If you're going to state your opinion, let's not be a bitch about it. Say you don't believe it'll help, not that it's a waste of time. Your opinion, not everyone else's. Personally? I think that if I can bring about awareness of this issue, maybe then I can help someone. Maybe someone will see me being quiet for a cause. Maybe they won't feel alone then. And so what if it's improbable that it'll help someone? It might just help one person. I don't care! If it helps that one person, if it keeps them alive, then I'm happy. What does a single day of silence take away from me anyway? Not getting my opinions out? Not being heard? Just for one day? I don't give a rat's ass. Not if it saves somebody.


The thing I love most about this is her boyfriend commented on it, saying "So is TWLOHA and any other pro life objective. :P" (She's a biiiiiiiiiig ole Catholic and I guess she doesn't think To Write Love On Her Arms is a waste of time--how that is possible? Nooo idea.)

I don't understand how someone could date someone else that makes fun of them like that, but whatever. xD It made me smile.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Welcome welcome.

Hey there, I'm the girl you'll know as Juniper from here on out. Or maybe not. I might change the name between now and some other time. I don't know. This is the first time I've tried something really anonymous. I'm not very good at it, I don't think. I mean, I'm usually the quiet girl. I don't talk much at all. But still, I have to make it known when I do something because I want people to notice me. I do.

But maybe this'll be good. Maybe it'll turn into a King is Bachman and Bachman is King type of deal. (I was gonna say "thing," but that would've rhymed and been weird.) I think I might really use this for my swearing. I can swear all I want here, right?

fuck fuck fuck fuck shit fuck.

Yeah. I think I like that.

But what's i wanna be a hero really about? It's about a girl that wants to grow up and be free. It's about a girl that wants to save someone's life, who wants to be a hero. It's about a girl that wants to do all that but she just doesn't know how. Because she's too fucking much like Dr. Temperance Brennan and even if she thinks she might be good at emotions, she's not. She doesn't know people or herself and she needs to fucking realize that.

And that girl is me.